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20x50 - Bondtec Clear TS Polyester Sealer

20x50 - Bondtec Clear TS Polyester Sealer

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Part Number:21-PRESTEC 20x50TS
  • Description:20x50 is a quick build sealer that quickly fills uneven surfaces. With a brush on application that quickly cures, there is no need for sanding in between coats, and the cured surface will open for Prestec top coats creating a chemical bond. Duratec does not have a comparable product.

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Gel Time: 16-20 min @ 77º F


Coverage (8 mils): 200 sf/gal


Flash Point: 98º F


Shelf Life: 6 months @ 68º F

Feature 5

Dust Free Time: 30 min @ 77º
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Product Features
- Quick build sealer
- Quickly fills uneven surfaces
- Brush on application
- Quick cure for faster top coat application
- No sanding required between coats regardless of time lapse
- Cured surface will open to Prestec top coats and chemically bond to them

Product Applications
- Exotic wood sealer
- Musical instrument wood sealer
- Furniture wood
- Clear filler for leveling composite surfaces prior to topcoat
- All surfaces fast cure sealer
- Architectural wood surfaces
- Carbon/graphite surface repairs

Application Suggestions
- Catalyze at 2% with MEKP initiator (10cc/pint)
- Utilization of HVLP spray gun optimizes finish
- Air pressure 25-40 PSI
- Maintain 12-18" distance between gun and surface 
- Optimum temperature of 77º F
- Start with a flash coat (2 mils). Wait 2 minutes then start building coats of 4 mils per pass, up to optimum 24 mils
- Allow full cure (24 hours) prior to sand and polish or top coat application

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