2081 Rapid Sand Sanding Primer - White, Polyester (1 Quart)
1 Quart

2081 Rapid Sand Sanding Primer - White, Polyester (1 Quart)

21-PRESTEC 2081-Q
  • Description: 2081 is a quick build primer that quickly fills uneven surfaces and major imperfections up to 60 mils. It is a low VOC product with virtually no porosity.
  • Special Handling Fee: Hazardous see shipping.
  • Manufacturer: Prestec
  • Availability: +/-2 Business Day Lead Time

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Product Features

  • Rapid Build Primer
  • Easier Sanding than Surface Primer
  • Perfect Primer for Prestec Top Coats
  • Virtually no porosity
  • Relatively high build to 60 mils
  • Low VOC product
  • Self-Leveling
  • Eliminates the need for PVA or Wax Surfacing Agent

Product Applications

  • Pattern Surfaces - Tooling Boards (Urethane, Epoxy)
  • Substrate Primer for Prestec Top Coats
  • Marine application - Above the Water Line
  • Post Paint Application Primer
  • Wood primer - MDF, Marine Grade Woods
  • Architectural Applications

Application Suggestions

  • Mix Contents of Can Thoroughly
  • Optimum temperature of 77ºF
  • Catalyze at 2% with MEKP initiator (10cc/pint)
  • Utilization of HVLP spray gun optimizes finish
  • Tip Size 2.5 - 4.0 mm
  • Air pressure 25-40 PSI
  • Build to 60 MILS without sagging or cracking
  • Allow full cure (24 hrs) prior to sand and polish or topcoat application
  • Maintain 12-18" distance between gun and surface
  • Start with flash coat (2 MILS). Wait 2 min then start build coats of 4 MILS per pass. Up to optimum 24 MILS.
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