3 oz. Chopped Strand Fiberglass Mat - 50" Wide (Custom Length)
3 oz. Chopped Strand Fiberglass Mat - 50' Wide (Custom Length)

3 oz. Chopped Strand Fiberglass Mat - 50" Wide (Custom Length)

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CS 3x50-C
  • Length: Sold by Yard
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • Quantity Pricing: See "Quantity Pricing" section below for price discounts at 3, 5 & 25 yards.
  • Max Quantity: 61 yd. maximum quantity. For quantities of 62 yds and greater, see "Full Rolls"
  • Shipping: Orders of 10 yards or less will be folded when shipped. If you want to have your order of 10 yards or less shipped on a roll, please call us at (909) 923-2200.
Chopped Strand Mat is a medium-fine fiber, rapid wetting chopped strand mat composed of silane-sized multi-length chopped glass filament bundles that average. It is bonded with a small amount of highly soluble powdered polyester binder and is designed to be randomly oriented and multi-resin compatible, frequently used as reinforcement in the fiberglass industry. Used for decks and repairs of small to large holes, generally not for structural repairs. For each yard of matt, it takes approximately one quart of resin.
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