50 in. 0/90 18oz Carbon Fiber Fabric
50 in. 0/90 18oz Carbon Fiber Fabric

50 in. 0/90 18oz Carbon Fiber Fabric

  • Description: This premium 50" wide 18oz carbon fiber fabric is perfect for aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, and DIY projects. Its 0/90 degree weave provides exceptional strength and stiffness while remaining lightweight. Easy to work with and compatible with various resins.
  • Availability: In Stock and Available for same day shipping if ordered by 11 am (PST)
  • Size: Width 50 in., Length sold by the yard
  • Weight: 18.0 oz/yd²
  • Weave: NC-Ply™
  • Manufacturer: Texonic

50 in. x 0/90 degree 18oz Carbon Fiber Fabric (NC-Ply™)

Upgrade your projects with this premium 50-inch wide, 0/90 degree bidirectional woven carbon fiber fabric (NC-Ply™). 18oz weight offers exceptional strength, stiffness, and moldability while remaining lightweight.

Ideal for:

  • Aerospace: Aircraft components, drones, UAVs
  • Automotive: Body panels, interior trim, structural reinforcements
  • Sporting Goods: Bicycle frames, tennis rackets, hockey sticks
  • Industrial: Marine applications, robotics, tooling
  • DIY Projects: Custom builds, repairs, artistic creations
  • Closed Molding Processes: Superior choice due to no-crimp, high moldability, and uniform surface
  • Heavy Reinforcements: Flexible manufacturing allows for z-direction reinforcement fibers

Key Features:

  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Offers remarkable strength and stiffness without adding unnecessary weight.
  • 0/90 Degree Weave: Provides balanced strength in both warp and weft directions.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of applications requiring high-performance materials.
  • Easy to Work With: Can be cut, shaped, and laminated with ease.
  • Compatible with Various Resins: Works well with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins.
  • Superior Mechanical Properties: Result of strictly aligned fiber orientation.
  • Optimized Resin Flow: Acts as its own flow media, maintaining optimal flow and moldability.
  • High Fiber/Resin Ratio: Up to 70%, providing exceptional strength and lightweight properties.

Elevate your projects with the superior performance, moldability, and aesthetic appeal of this 18oz carbon fiber fabric (NC-Ply™).

NC-Ply™ - The Best Choice in Infusion

NC-Ply™ is a three-dimensional reinforcement architecture that offers a number of advantages over traditional reinforcement materials.

  • Unmatched ability to conduct resin in 3 dimensions for vacuum-assisted processes
  • Exceptionally high mechanical performance
  • Optimization of resin circulation
  • Extremely high reinforcement rate, up to 75% while remaining easy to work with
  • A very extensive standard range, up to 150 oz/yd² in glass and 67 oz/yd² in carbon
  • Can be available in basalt, S2 glass, hybrid etc.
  • Can be used in closed mold, wet processes, pre-impregnated
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