50 in. 408gsm 45-degree Knit Carbon Fiber Fabric
50 in. 408gsm 45-degree Knit Carbon Fiber Fabric

50 in. 408gsm 45-degree Knit Carbon Fiber Fabric

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  • Length : Sold by the yard
  • Size: 105x50” 12.o/yd2
  • Weight: 408gsm

45-degree Knit Carbon Fiber Fabric is made up of multiple layers of unidirectional fibers, with each ply placed in a different orientation or axis. This allows for strength and stiffness in multiple directions, as well as optimized weight distribution and the ability to mix fiber types.

45-degree Knit Carbon Fiber Fabric offers several advantages over traditional fabric forms, including:

  • The ability to place reinforcing fibers in different axes to optimize the performance of the finished laminate.
  • Reduced print-through, which is especially important on boat hulls and automotive applications.
  • Easier cutting and handling, as the stitching holds the material together.
  • Higher deposition rates, due to the heavier combinations that are possible.
  • Good resin penetration and flow, which is ideal for infusion and light-RTM.
  • Enhanced in-plane mechanical properties, such as tension and flexion.
  • Reduced material waste and lay-up time, when using thicker materials.
  • The ability to use high tow count fibers.
  • If you are looking for a fabric that offers strength, stiffness, and versatility, then multiaxial reinforcements are a good option to consider.
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