LR ISO Tooling Polyester Laminating Resin (Case of 4, 1 Gallon ea.)
LR ISO Tooling Polyester Laminating Resin (Case of 4, 1 Gallon ea.)

LR ISO Tooling Polyester Laminating Resin (Case of 4, 1 Gallon ea.)

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  • Availability: In Stock and Available for same day shipping if ordered by 11 am (PST)THIS OPTION NOT AVAILABLE FOR IN STORE PICKUP
  • Description: The ISO Tooling Polyester resin is specifically designed as a corrosion resistant resin that meets the sophisticated demands of modern technology in various corrosion applications.
  • SHIPPING: THIS IS A SHIPPING FRIENDLY CASE. Save $61 on shipping costs when shipping ground. This (4) gallon case is designed to deliver the most product while avoiding hazmat shipping surcharges. Shipping-friendly cases offer the value you're looking for, along with the Sherfab quality you've come to expect. IF SHIPPED BY AIR, this item will ALWAYS require a special handling fee, regardless of volume. CATALYST CANNOT BE SHIPPED BY AIR, REGARDLESS OF VOLUME.
  • Manufacturer: Lilly-RAM
  • Features : Moderate Hardness Development, Corrosion Resistant, Promoted Resin System, Good Fiberglass Wet-Out. BENEFITS: Good Cycle times with minimal exotherm, Works in a variety of environments, Ready to use in customer applications, Works well in thick cross sections.

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An Isophthalic Tooling Polyester Laminating resin

Features:                                                            Benefits:
-Moderate Hardness Development                 -Good cycle times with minimal exotherm
-Corrosion Resistant                                         -Works in a variety of environments
-Promoted Resin System                                 - Ready to use in customer applications 
-Good Fiberglass Wet-Out                                -Works well in thick cross sections
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