Manual Dual Component 300ml Applicator Gun

Manual Dual Component 300ml Applicator Gun

  • Feature: Mechanical Advantage 26:1 Support Discs - Secure and Accurate Cartridge Fit Single Side Rails / Steel Plungers – Lighter Weight Wear Compensating Device Case Hardened Cast Steel Catch Plate High Viscosity Materials All Component Replaceable Parts
  • Product Type: Dual Component
  • Application: Two-Part Cartridge
  • Capacity: 300 ml
  • Application: Two-Part Cartridge. Perfect for Pliogrip 660ml cartridges.
  • Mix Ratio: 300ml. x 300ml. (Pre-configured Arrangement), 300ml. x 150ml. (Kit Included), 300ml. x 75ml. (Kit Included), 200ml. x 100ml. (Kit Available)

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Individual Gun [+$120.00]
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