Partall Paste #2 (CLEARANCE)
Partall Paste #2 (CLEARANCE)

Partall Paste #2 (CLEARANCE)

  • Availability: In Stock and Available for same day shipping if ordered by 11 am (PST)
  • Description: Partall #2 is a general purpose polishing compound made from a blend of hydrocarbon and microcrystalline waxes designed for use with thermoset molding resins at ambient temperature cure when making fiberglass, cast polymer, or composite parts. It is particularly recommended fur use on molds where standard silicone waxes hinder post-finishing operations or to create a smooth surface prior to application of PVA based coatings such as Partall Film #10.
  • Manufacturer: Rexco
  • SPECIAL NOTE: This product has exceeded its shelf life but has been QC'd and functions as intended.
  • Note: 35 units available at this price (1.5lb / 24oz./each)

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Partall #2 (1.5lb)

Get a professional-grade polish for your fiberglass, composite, or cast polymer molds at a steal! This versatile paste works perfectly despite being past its shelf life. Limited stock – only 35 units at this price.

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