TR Mold Release (14 oz. can)
TR Mold Release (14 oz. can)

TR Mold Release (14 oz. can)

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  • Description: TR-102: A high production paste release with excellent breakdown for fast, even coverage. Formulated for fast drying with a pure carnauba base. Extremely easy to apply and wipe off.
    TR-104: Formulated to work well with heat accelerated applications. Breaks down and applies like TR-102 Regular Mold Release. Again, allow to dry before removal (polishing wipe). Less wax build-up than conventional synthetic or paraffin releases due to the hard carnauba base.
    TR-108: A versatile high carnauba content mold release paste wax with excellent sealing properties for composite molding applications. Excellent for breaking in new molds. Produces a harder wax coating for added protection. Recommended for vertical surfaces and those areas where masking is required.
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104 (Hi-Temp)
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