Customer Highlight - Barron Boats

Posted by Sherfab on 6/4/2021 to Customer Highlight
Customer Highlight - Barron Boats

This month's customer highlight is Barron Boats. The Barron name is a legend in the southwestern boating community. The Barron family established themselves as Hallet Boats in 1960. After Nick Barron's passing, Jerry Barron knew there were still challenges to conquer in the boating world and thus revitalized the name with Barron Boats in 2017. They have established themselves as leaders in quality, performance, and innovation on the water.

Barron Boats has shared some of what goes into creating their 290 Sport Deck. We get to see what it looks like when a professional boat builder gets to work.

Here you’ll see the storage of the molds. The decking and the hull are stored together.

First up the green gel coat is sprayed and then the tapelines are applied.

The tape is pulled. Look at those lines and color definition! Here you’ll also see more gel coat layers: blue-green-black.

The hull is then sprayed with a black gel coat for the base.

The foam core is glued in.

More foam core application.

This is the process of hand lamination.

More hand laminating.

Here is the deck lay-up. This process is similar to the hull applications.

Now here is the finished boat! As you can see their team pulls from a rich history of custom boat manufacturing and design. Barron Boats regularly post updates about their projects on their Instagram account, check them out and give them a follow.

We love learning about all the great projects our customers are working on. If you would like to be featured or have a project you would like to share. Let us know by going to Or tag your photos on Instagram or Facebook with #whatchaworkingon. If you need help with a project, give us a call at (909) 923-2200.

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