Customer Highlight - Bobby Gewecke

Posted by Sherfab on 6/27/2023 to Customer Highlight
Customer Highlight - Bobby Gewecke

Bobby Gewecke, a 63-year-old retired trucker, recently completed a gelcoat restoration project on his daughter's 1986 Mastercraft boat using Lilly-Ram Gelcoat and Ram Buff products from Sherfab. The results were so impressive that he wanted to share his experience with others. Bobby has been working on boats and fiberglass repair since he was in high school.

Lilly-Ram Gelcoats and Buffing Compounds are the best on the market. I am 63 years old, and my wife wants me to have fun in retirement. She says I work too hard. She has no idea how much fun it is using these products. If you watch the how-to videos and take your time, you are well on your way to a successful project. First, you'll wipe the product off and look for and fix imperfections, and then follow the next step. Thanks for all you have done to improve Gelcoat refinishing. Thanks to all of the staff at Sherfab.

I started working on my daughter's 1986 Mastercraft about a year and a half ago. I was working on it only on weekends, but I got it done. I used all Sherfab products, Lilly-Ram Gelcoat with 27x1 Prestec additive, and the results speak for themselves. It looks and feels like it came out of a mold. Wet sanded through 3000 grit and then polished with my favorite step of the whole job, RAM BUFF. Holy cow, guys, you have got to try this if you wet sand and buff Gelcoat. RB800, RB1000, RB2000, and the RBGS. My wife calls me a perfectionist, and this is by far the best-looking Gelcoat job I have ever done. I hope the pictures do justice. I have always wanted a Flat bottom or a performance jet boat to restore.

I want to thank Sherfab for all their products and help. I wish I had found Ram Buff sooner in my career. My next project, restoring my first ride, a 1964 Chevy short-bed truck. It has been in the making for 45 years. I bought it when I was a junior in High School.

So proud of my daughter. I love her very much.

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