Clear Mold Release 225 (Case of 4, 1 Gallon ea.)
Clear Mold Release 225 (Case of 4, 1 Gallon ea.)

Clear Mold Release 225 (Case of 4, 1 Gallon ea.)

  • Availability: In Stock and Available for same day shipping if ordered by 11 am (PST)
  • Description: This product is silicone free, heat stable, non-carbonizing release agent. The heat cured film of MR225 does not usually transfer or migrate, so that painting, finishing, bonding or other secondary processing steps may be accomplished on molded parts without further treatment. MR225 is thermally stable up to 900° F. Manufactured by Lilly Ram.
  • Special Handling Fee: This item is considered hazardous in volumes of a gallon or greater and will include a special handling fee when ordered in individual units with volumes of a gallon or greater. If shipped by air, this item will always require a special handling fee, regardless of volume.
  • Manufacturer: Lilly-RAM

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Case- (4) 1 Gallon

  • Epoxies
  • May be applied over existing release agents.
  • Phenolics
  • For best results, apply to clean mold
  • Polyimides
  • Apply via spray, brush, or wipe on (ensure rag is fully saturated as to not remove first layer)
  • Polybishmaleimides
  • Apply two coats in opposite directions for optimum results
  • Polyester 
  • Wait 15 minutes before applying the second coat

  • After second coat is applied, bake at 250°F for 60 minutes

  • New tools may require more than 2 coats

  • New tools should be heated to 250°F prior to MR225 application

Removal of Old Release Agent
Scrubbing with metal pads saturated with detergent is the best method for old release agent removal. Follow with a solvent wipe.

Resin Removal
Sanding is recommended for resin removal

Should MR225 transfer, use the metal pads, detergent, and solvent wipe. Transfer usually indicates the mold release was too heavily applied.

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