Customer Highlight, Zachs Garage

Posted by Sherfab on 3/17/2021 to Customer Highlight
Customer Highlight, Zachs Garage

This month's customer highlight is Zach from Zachs Garage. Zach is a YouTuber that started documenting the restoration of his 1998 Bayliner. He now makes all kinds of videos, from restoring boats and jet-skis to working on cars, he is an active DIY guy, and we are proud that he uses Sherfab products.

My wife and I wanted to get a boat, and we found a "killer" deal on craigslist. The engine wouldn't run, and the deck was entirely rotted. This was our first boat, and I honestly had no idea what I was doing at first. After researching similar projects on YouTube, I stumbled upon, FriscoBoater's Garage.

He had recorded the entire process of restoring his '95 SeaRay, from demolition, rebuilding the entire transom, stringers, and deck. He inspired me to attempt my boat restoration. I gained the knowledge and confidence needed to take on my project and from watching his videos. I cannot emphasize how much I appreciated learning from FriscoBoater's videos and the sense of gratitude I feel towards him.

I decided to pay it forward by starting my own YouTube channel Zachs Garage where I also share videos of all the work I have done on my boat. Over the course of a year, I created nearly 100 videos covering a wide range of topics from engine work to outdrive maintenance, to rebuilding not only the deck but also rebuilding the transom and stringers, demonstrating the use of fiberglass, polyester resin, and gel coat which I was able to purchase from Sherfab.

I have finished rebuilding my boat now and have a blast taking family and friends out on the lake! As my YouTube channel grows, I will continue to take on more watercraft repair and restoration projects!


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We love learning about all the great projects our customers are working on. If you would like to be featured or have a project you would like to share. Let us know by going to Or tag your photos on Instagram or Facebook with #whatchaworkingon. If you need help with a project, give us a call at (909) 923-2200.

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