Econotac Aerosol Adhesive
Econotac Aerosol Adhesive

Econotac Aerosol Adhesive

35- EAA
  • Volume: Sold Per Can (17- oz)
  • Color: Clear/Transparent
  • Availability: In Stock and Available for same day shipping if ordered by 11 am (PST)
  • Description: EconoTac2 is an economical, rubber based, spray adhesive tor temporary bonding application of composite lay-up materials such as peel plies, breather, bleeders, and release films. Manufactured by Airtech.

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Directions for Use:
  1. Note: Point spray tip away from yourself and others when inserting spray tip or when spraying
  2. Shake well before using
  3. Turn spray tip so arrow points to dot on can rim
  4. Hold can 6-8 inches from surface to be sprayed
  5. Make bond while adhesive is aggressively tacky
- Tack Range: One surface: 10-15 seconds
Two surfaces: 10-30 seconds
- For Extra Strong Bonds: Spray both surfaces to be bonded and allow a minimum of 30 seconds drying time before assembly
- For Temporary Bonds with Easy Removal: To hold a part for a short period of time and still permit easy removal, apply a light coat to one surface and allow to dry for about 1 minute. Most surfaces can then be separated when desired without adhesive transfer. After use turn can upside down and depress spray tip until spray is free of adhesive. Spray tips can be cleaned with turpentine. When using solvents for cleanup, it is essential that proper precautionary measures for handling such materials be observed.
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