Garalease 915 Sealer/Mold Release (1 Gallon)
Garalease 915 Sealer/Mold Release (1 Gallon)

Garalease 915 Sealer/Mold Release (1 Gallon)

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  • Description: Garalease 915 is a film-forming barrier coat that serves as both a sealer and a release agent. It is a fast-drying parting compound and the film it forms comes away with the molded part. When sufficiently thick, the film may be peeled or blown off with a jet of air. Manufactured by Lilly Ram.
  • Special Handling Fee: This item is considered hazardous in volumes of a gallon or greater and will include a special handling fee when ordered in individual units with volumes of a gallon or greater. If shipped by air, this item will always require a special handling fee, regardless of volume.
  • Manufacturer: Lilly-RAM

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Effectively Releases:
  • Epoxies
  • Clean mold surface before application
  • Polyesters 
  • Spray application preferred, although brush application can be used
  • Urethanes
  • Apply 3-4 light coats in fairly quick succession

  • Apply using 40-50 psi so that the mold surface is wet

  • Test for adequate film dryness is complete absence of all solvent odors

**dry to the touch test is not sufficient**
  • Treated mold should be laminated within 6 hours to avoid shrinkage

  • When sufficiently thick, film may be peeled or blown off molded part

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