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Gel coats are an effective and efficient way to improve the surface appearance of all reinforced plastic laminates. They provide an excellent finished surface for marine, recreational, sports, automotive, aerospace and tooling projects.

In addition, our specialty coatings are the industry-leading surfacing products that enhance any pattern and tooling project.

Our Gelcoat Color Matching has earned a reputation in the industry as the go-to place for the fastest turnaround time. We provide exceptional matching for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

  • Gel Coat
    Gel Coat
    UV stable and crack resistant for long term durability, Lilly Ram's gel coats yield improved weatherability and osmotic blister resistance when compared to similar conventional gel coats.
  • Gel Coat Color Matching
    Gel Coat Color Matching
    Industry leading turnaround time. Exceptional matching for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Fast and accurate color matching for boats, marine and auto.
  • Tooling
    High gloss, superior hardness, and excellent abrasion and craze resistance. Excellent in fabricating molds.
  • Specialty Surface Coatings
    Specialty Surface Coatings
    Turn your gelcoat into paint! From in-mold application to post mold surface application. Our Lilly-RAM and Prestec Surface Coatings are ideally formulated to provide air cure surfaces and are ideal for use in plug and pattern fabrication, mold resurfacing, and all other composite structures. They are available in both polyester and vinyl ester versions to cover many required application challenges the composite fabricator experiences. Choose from Putties, Fairing Primers, Easy Sanding Primers, Surface Primers to Top Coats and Gelcoat Additives.
  • Gel Coat Additives
    Gel Coat Additives
    Gel Coat additives change the properties of gel coats to give them greater flexibility to be used in a wider variety of applications.
  • Pigments
    Perfect for fine-tuning your gel coats or making your own desired colors. Pigments are used to match and blend with polyester resins, gel paste, epoxy and putty to change the color of your gel coat.
  • Shipping-Friendly Gel Coats
    Shipping-Friendly Gel Coats
    Save $61 on shipping costs when you order a (4) gallon case from our new shipping-friendly products. Designed to deliver the most product while avoiding hazmat shipping surcharges, shipping-friendly cases offer the value you're looking for, along with the Sherfab quality you've come to expect.
  • Gel Coat Guns
    Gel Coat Guns
    Gel coat guns use adjustable nozzles and are air compressor driven. Compatible for fiberglass, boat and automotive work.
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50 White Gel Coat  (Case of 4, 1 gallon ea.)
Lilly Ram's gel coat technology significantly reduces styrene emissions, shrinkage, and costly overspray. In addition, Ram gelcoats yield improved weather ability and osmotic blister resistance when compared to similar conventional gelcoats.
Surfacing Agent
Webbing Solution (1 Pint)
Test Short description
Styrene Monomer (1 Pint)
Styrene can be added to gel coats and resins in order to thin them down for various applications.
2001 Rapid Sand Sanding Primer - Black, Polyester (1 Gallon)
2001 is a quick build primer that quickly fills uneven surfaces and major imperfections up to 60 mils. It is a low VOC product with virtually no porosity.
20050 Bondtec Isolator - Black, Polyester (1 Gallon)
Quick build sealer that quickly fills uneven surfaces.
2081 Rapid Sand Sanding Primer - White, Polyester (1 Gallon)
2081 is a quick build primer that quickly fills uneven surfaces and major imperfections up to 60 mils.
2090 Rapid Sand Sanding Primer - Gray, Polyester (1 Gallon)
2090 is a quick build primer that quickly fills uneven surfaces and major imperfections up to 60 mils. It is a low VOC product with virtually no porosity.
2092 Surfacing Primer - Gray (1 Gallon)
This surfacing primer cures to a harder surface than standard primers and will buff out to a relatively high gloss.
20x46 Bondtec - Isolator/Adhesion Promoter (1 Gallon)
20x50 Bondtec Isolator - Clear, Polyester (1 Gallon)
21x1 Flexible Hi-Gloss Topcoat Additive (1 Gallon)
21x1 is a clear top coat that possesses fantastic flex properties as well as perfect flow and leveling characteristics.
2701 High Gloss Black (1 Gallon)
2701 is a high gloss black surface coating that creates deep penetrating color under high gloss.
27x6 Hi-Gloss Topcoat - Clear, Polyester (1 Gallon)
27x6 is a clear high gloss top coat that possesses perfect flow and leveling characteristics as well as exceptional UV and scratch resistance. This top coat can be buffed and refinished to the original high gloss appearance.
28x50 Clear Sanding Sealer/ Polyester (1 Gallon)
28x50 is a clear, easy to sand, surface sealer and pinhole filler. It is a low VOC product that eliminates porosity and can be brushed on. It is a perfect sealer prior to Prestec primers and topcoats.
2590 Rapid Cut Easy Sanding Primer - Gray, Polyester (1 Gallon)
2590 is a rapid-build, self-leveling, easy sanding polyester primer that is excellent for use in above the water line marine applications and on marine grade woods.
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