Ultra Fairing Compound (Marine 861 UltraFair)

Ultra Fairing Compound (Marine 861 UltraFair)

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  • Description: Marine 861 UltraFair is a convenient trowelable filler developed for fairing large surface imperfections on aluminum, steel, fiberglass or wooden marine vessels above or below the water line. The white resin and brown hardener when mixed together at the convenient 1:1 volumetric mix ratio, yield a smooth creamy paste which can be easily applied up to 1" thick without sagging or shrinking during the curing process. 861 system when cured, features excellent sanding and finishing characteristics and accepts virtually all types of primer and paints. Manufactured by Axson USA, Inc.
  • Manufacturer: Axson USA, Inc.

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Kit Volume (A & B side)
2 Gallon Kit (1 Gallon Resin & 1 Gallon Hardener)

  • Convenient 1:1 volumetric mix ratio
  • Easy to sand - Blush free surface
  • Can be applied up to 1" thick without sagging or shrinking during cure
  • Color coded positive mix indication
  • For applications above or below the waterline
  • Smooth, creamy, past mixes easily and trowels smoothly
Typical Handling Characteristics @77°F
Mix Ratio (parts by volume) 1R/1H
Mixed Viscosity Trowelable Non-Sag Paste
1" Vertical Sage Resistance
Specific Gravity 0.90 g/cc
Pot Life 48 mins (1 gal mass)
42 mins (2 gal mass)
Application Temperature Range 55°F - 95°F
Cure to Sanding Time @77°F 6-8 Hours
Total Cure Time @ 95°F 3-5 Days
@ 77°F 5-7 Days
@ 55°F 10-12 Days
Maximum Applied Thickness 1 Inch per coat
Theoretical Coverage Per 1-mixed Gallon 6.4 sq/ft @ .25" Thickness
1.6 sq/ft @ 1" Thickness
Volatile Organic Carbon (VOCs) Zero Percent (0g/L)
Shelf Life of Resin and Hardener 2 years

**Note: This product is intended to be used as supplied. Do not thicken or thin this product as altering the formulation may lower physical properties.**
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