P-17 Black High Heat Resistant Rigid Filler (1 Gallon)
P-17 Black High Heat Resistant Rigid Filler (1 Gallon)

P-17 Black High Heat Resistant Rigid Filler (1 Gallon)

  • Availability: 2 Week Lead Time
  • Description: P-17 high heat resistant filler set-fast system has uses in aerospace, aircraft, automotive, tooling, manufacturing, and final fabrication where potential exposure to elevated temperature up to 446°F have to be tolerated either for short term or continuous periods.
  • Special Handling Fee: This item is considered hazardous in volumes greater than gallon sizes and will include a special handling fee when ordered in individual units with volumes greater than a gallon. BPO Hardener is considered a hazardous material in any volume and can only be shipped by ground.
  • Manufacturer: Axson USA, Inc.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Shelf Life Percentages cannot be guaranteed, please email for stocking batch dates

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Gallon + 4 oz. BPO Hardener (+$13.99)
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P-17 offers the user a smooth workable paste with set-fast cure to expedite those applications for repair or finish. P-17 can be applied with a squeegee, spatula, or flat tool. The cured material can be finished by mechanical sanding, grinding scraping, etc., to a heather edge. This filler has excellent adhesive and bond strength to fiberglass, SMC, BMC, RIM, FRP, epoxy, graphite and Kevlar composites as well as aluminum, plaster and other substrates. P-17 high heat resistant filler when cured and finished accepts virtually all types of coatings and decorative film without any blush or discoloration.

Typical Applications:
  • Aircraft interior panels
  • FRP panels-filling cloth imprint
  • Nose cone porosity
  • Edge filling on honeycomb
  • Changes & repairs to vacuum form molds
  • Drill fixtures
  • Potting Bushings
  • Gelcoat repairs on production molds
  • SMC mold porosity in molded parts
**Note: This product is intended to be used as supplied. Do not thicken or thin this product as altering the formulation may lower physical properties.**
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