Plastilease Liquid Wax Mold Release 1000

Plastilease Liquid Wax offers you the utmost in mold release factors either with accelerated heat (exotherm), low heat or room temperature. It is a blend of synthetic waxes and polymers which are not subject to the quality fluctuations so often found in natural waxes, depending on their origin. The most important features of these synthetics are their high melting points and great hardness. Because of these features, and other desirable properties, the resulting film upon proper application has a high gloss, intensive wear and great resistance to heat and water.
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Plastilease 512B Mold Release (5 Gallon Pail)
Plastilease Liquid Wax Mold Release 1000 (5 Gallon Pail)
Plastilease 512B Mold Release (1 Gallon)
Plastilease Liquid Wax Mold Release 1000 (1 Gallon)
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