Cosmetic Gel coat Repair - Agitation

Posted by Sherfab on 8/24/2022 to Pro Tips
Cosmetic Gel coat Repair - Agitation
Agitation One of the most neglected procedures concerning gelcoat, as well as all coatings, is proper agitation. Proper agitation is as important as maintaining the correct film thickness and catalyst level. Gelcoat is made up of ingredients

Pro Tips | Gel Coats

Posted by Sherfab on 4/9/2021 to Pro Tips
Pro Tips | Gel Coats
Get a head start on your next gel coat project with these 6 quick Pro Tips. Gel coats provide a protective barrier that is water and chemical-resistant and will improve the life of your boat or project for decades. Gel coats are the most common surface coating used in composites/fiberglass fabrication. They provide a high-quality finish and shine with very little maintenance.

Pro Tips | Working with Resin

Posted by Sherfab on 3/16/2021 to Pro Tips
Pro Tips | Working with Resin
Learn from the pros at Sherfab what the best practices are for working with resin. These 5 Pro Tips will give you the essential information you need to start working with resin.

How Much Catalyst?

Posted by Sherfab on 1/1/2019 to Pro Tips
Wondering how much catalyst for your next resin or gel coat project? We can help.


Posted by Sherfab on 1/1/2014 to Pro Tips
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