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60x1 Neutral Vinyl Ester Primer (1 Gallon)
6092 Vinyl Ester Harder Surface Primer -  Gray (1 Gallon)
6001 Vinyl Ester Surface Primer - Black (1 Gallon)
6001 is a high build vinyl ester primer that offers high heat distortion and corrosion resistance with low porosity. It is also an FDA approved coating that is effective in a wide range of applications.
2 oz. Chopped Strand Fiberglass Mat - 38
Manual 200ml/400ml Applicator Gun
28x50 Clear Sanding Sealer/Fill Coat, Polyester (1 Gallon)
28x50 is a clear, easy to sand, quick build primer that quickly fills uneven surfaces and major imperfections up to 60 mils. It is a low VOC product that has virtually no porosity and can be brushed on. It is a perfect primer for all Prestec top coats.
Manual Dual Component 300ml Applicator Gun
Hetron™ FR 992 Flame Retardant Vinyl Ester Resin (1 Gallon)
1 oz. Chopped Strand Fiberglass Mat - 38
20050 Bondtec Isolator - Black, Polyester (1 Gallon)
Quick build sealer that quickly fills uneven surfaces.
Spray Wax Mold Release (1 Gallon)
Cure Fast 1.0 Sealer/Release (1 Gallon)
21x1 Flexible Hi-Gloss Topcoat Additive (1 Gallon)
21x1 is a clear top coat that possesses fantastic flex properties as well as perfect flow and leveling characteristics.
2701 High Gloss Black (1 Gallon)
2701 is a high gloss black surface coating that creates deep penetrating color under high gloss.
27x6 Hi-Gloss Topcoat - Clear, Polyester (1 Gallon)
27x6 is a clear high gloss top coat that possesses perfect flow and leveling characteristics as well as exceptional UV and scratch resistance. This top coat can be buffed and refinished to the original high gloss appearance.
49x2 Patch Paste Polyester Neutral (1 Gallon)
Prestec 49x2 is a neutral colored polyester patch paste that quickly fills deeply scarred surfaces and rapidly achieves full cure.
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