Customer Highlight - Purdue Solar Racing

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Customer Highlight - Purdue Solar Racing

Customer Spotlight: Purdue Solar Racing Advances Sustainable Engineering with Sherfab Materials

Purdue Solar Racing, a student-led organization at Purdue University, is actively shaping the future of sustainable transportation. They aim to design, build, and race cutting-edge solar-powered vehicles, participating in national and international competitions while promoting STEM education and eco-conscious engineering.

In preparation for the American Solar Challenge, Purdue Solar Racing created their largest-ever fiberglass layup using negative molds for their vehicle's aerodynamic carbon fiber shell. The team opted for a combination of materials, including Sherfab's chopped strand fiberglass mat. This versatile material provided the strength and flexibility required for the demanding mold-making process.

The molds they created will directly contribute to the production of a highly efficient solar-powered vehicle that will compete in a 1500-mile cross-country race this summer.

Beyond the immediate goal of competition, Purdue Solar Racing actively engages in outreach programs. They share their passion for sustainable technology, fostering a greater understanding of its possibilities within their community.

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