Introducing Ram Buff

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Introducing Ram Buff

Lilly-Rams' gel coat buffing products are formulated specifically for your gel coat surfaces, making it easier to achieve a perfect gel coat finish, every time!

Formulated specifically for increased wet times, less mess, and ZERO VOCs. This system brings you incredible results on any gel coat surface, even in warm climates. Although formulated specifically for gel coat, they’re easy to use for all industries and users. From buffing professionals to vehicle owners. RAM Gel Coat Buffing Products work great on boats, RVs, automotive, and industrial gel coat surfaces. New and used alike.

Ram Buff Extra Heavy Duty Compound 
This fast-cutting compound removes heavy oxidation, scratches, and other defects. Use RAM Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound for any P800 scratches or finer.
Ram Buff Extra Heavy Duty (RB 800)

Ram Buff Fast Cut Compound
This compound combines a fast cutting power and a higher gloss. Use this for any P1000 and finer scratches.
Ram Buff Fast Cut Compound (RB 1000)

Ram Buff Polishing Compound 
This compound is formulated to quickly and completely remove machine polish swirls, even on dark-colored applications. Will leave an OEM finish.
Ram Buff Polishing Compound (RB 2000)

Ram Buff Gloss & Seal (RBGS) 
Ram Buff Gloss & Seal (RBGS) is a critical final step in creating and safeguarding a top-notch, UV protected, and high-gloss finish.
Ram Buff Gloss & Seal (RBGS)

Ram Buff 4 Step Compound Kit 
Don't miss a single step in creating and safeguarding the perfect gel coat finish! Save time and money with a Ram Buff 4 Step Buffing Compound Kit! Kit includes RB800, RB1000, RB2000 and RBGS.
Ram Buff 4 Step Compound Kit

A Compound made or Polyester Coatings 
Gel coat and other Polyester Coatings are created to be tough, that is why you need compounds that are made tougher. Your average compound is barely aggressive enough to buff out automotive urethane paints. That is why we created the Ram Buffing Compound line. To make your post finishing jobs easier, and more effective.

If you don’t like it, we will take it back 
Lilly-Ram formulated a compound line, that is so perfect for the Polyester Coatings Industry that we will stand behind every bottle we sell. If you find that our compounds don’t fit your specific need, we will buy back your bottle. That’s pretty confident!

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