Brushable Silicone R1328a w/Curing Agent R1324 THB  5 Gallon Kit
Brushable Silicone R1328a w/Curing Agent R1324 THB 5 Gallon Kit

Brushable Silicone R1328a w/Curing Agent R1324 THB 5 Gallon Kit

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  • Description: These convenient Fast Curing Silicone kits will have everything you need to complete your multi-part molds, flexible rubber parts, or print coat (detail coat) applications.-See below for detailed description.
  • Kit includes: R-1328A (40lb) / R-1324B (4lb)


This popular kit is also available in *1-gal* size Kits

Fast Curing Silicone RTV

R-1328 A (40lb) / R-1324 B (4lb)—28 A Shore Tin Base (Condensation Cure), two-component, room temperature cure (RTV) rubber designed primarily for faster demold—6 to 8 hours. It is used as a general purpose, high strength rubber for making multi-part molds, flexible rubber parts, and for print coat (detail coat) applications when making brush-on molds. Molds are used to cast polyester, urethane, epoxy, low melt metal (350F), thermoplastics (Polyvinyl), wax, soap, plaster, and any material where a release free casting is required.

Product Features:

  1. Excellent Physical Properties with High Tear Resistance
  2. Low Viscosity and greater flow control for Brush-On molds
  3. Produces mold with a Long Working Life
  4. Fast Cure 6-8 hours for quick multi-part mold fabrication

Available Sizes: Gallon Kit (9 lb) and 5 Gallon Kit (44 lbs)


Process part A by adding the curing agent B. Part B should be shaken prior to use. The addition of 10% catalyst (by weight) has a pot life of 40 minutes and is ready for demolding after 15 to 24 hours. R-1324 B has a trace of pigment for good dispersion. De-airing (degassing) material is always recommended. Immediately after mixing, place the material in a vacuum chamber to remove trapped air and allow enough room for expansion as vacuum is drawn, as much as four times its original volume. Remove from vacuum chamber and pour very gently into the cavity so as not to re-incorporate air into the material. After the mold has been removed from the master, it should be left for 24 hours in order to develop its maximum mechanical strength.

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