Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum bagging and infusion

We stock a wide range of vacuum bagging supplies for resin infusion. Including vacuum tubing, bags, and reservoirs, green flow media, fittings, and sealant.

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Vacuum Tubing
Nylon Straight Fittings
Nylon Elbow Fittings
Nylon Tee Fittings
Enkafusion 4
Vacuum Reservoir
Vacuum Tree Assembly, Brass
Woven Fuse (Bag of 250 pcs)
Yellow Sealant Tape
This yellow sealant tape is an economical multi-purpose sealant tape with high tack. The most common use is to seal vacuum bags to a variety of tooling surfaces.
Green Flow Media (Full Rolls)
Peel Ply Econostitch W/Red Tracer (Full Rolls)
Green Flow Media - Custom Length - 41
10 oz. Breather 60
Vacuum breather/bleeder cloth 60? 10oz is a woven polyester breather system used for even volatile evacuation from vacuum bags that can be used at pressures up to 200 PSI (13.8 bars). Multi-directional conformability makes it a very efficient breather. This breather does not contain any binders, which could cause seal-off of airflow.
CCM - 2 oz. Core Combination Mat (600/250/600) x 50
Tac Strip Tape
A mesh, fiberglass adhesive tape designed to hold fabrics in place during resin infusion. Coated on both sides.
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